The Rise For Nature internship program is an initiative to meet the needs of aspiring conservation and development professionals who wish to build their capacities and understand the conservation sector at depth. Internships at Rise For Nature provides students and individuals with an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in wildlife conservation, environment protection and social development.

Rise For Nature receives internship applications from reputed national and international universities from various parts of the world. We have hosted interns from University of Bonn; Germany, University of Heidelberg; Germany, University of Colorado; USA, University of Buea; Cameroon, University of Dschang; Cameroon, University of Yaoundé; Cameroon.

Interested candidates may submit their application with their Curriculum Vitae, and a general statement of purpose to indicate why an internship is being sought, and what is expected from the experience, along with areas of interest. The application must be sent with the subject “Internship Program” to;

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