Raising awareness and changing mindsets

From our findings, more than 67% of communities around protected areas in Cameroon for example find it very difficult for them to respect the limits of protected areas voluntarily. In most cases, the men, women and youths around communities don’t feel comfortable whenever a new national park or reserve is created around them. From our surveys before embarking on this program, more than 11,670 people engaged during a yearlong survey indicated that the conservation of primates does not mean anything to them. In response, this program area has been focusing on the following;
⦁ Educating children, women, youths on the importance of keeping their forest under control and best practices in the sustainable management of forests and wildlife resources

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⦁ Engaging traditional leaders in remote rainforest communities to institute community education and learning centers for continuous education of people on how to protect and manage their environment
⦁ Piloting core environmental and climate change education in schools and around communities across and other African Countries
⦁ Developing and distribution user friendly environmental education and climate change adaptation/mitigation manuals, leaflets, radio and TV programs
⦁ Supporting already existing peer education and counselling groups while creating new ones in communities/schools where such groups are conspicuously absent

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